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Invest and earn money by creating the global trading and financial Gem4me platform!

Gem4me is the first global IT project in which you can participate.

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Due to the ongoing global crisis, the most important thing is to preserve and increase one's current capital. Investing in innovative technologies that have no boundaries and limitations is the perfect solution.

Why MarketSpace?


MarketSpace is a unique mix of messenger and trading and financial platform that has no analogues in the world


The ability to easily sell and buy products on a platform with global audience and unique product offerings


We are trusted by our wrold-renowned partners with a long history of success

The goal

To create a successful application with a large user base and its subsequent sale, the profit of which will be received by EVERY shareholder

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A generous referral program allows shareholders to generate revenue during the creation and sale of MarketSpace. Invest and start earning now!
For those who wish to initiate the business with minimal investments.
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Business level investment package. Average earnings.
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Intermediate level
Business level investment package. High earnings.
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Professional level
High business level investment package. Maximized earnings.
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Investment level
What sets us apart from other projects is the fact that we have been creating our mobile application since 2016, and its core development is estimated to be completed in 2021. At the same time, our mobile application has been installed more than 20 million times, while the most recent independent evaluation of the application concluded the value of $656 million in Fabruary of 2021.
Become an investor
Our main advantage is the fact that we are able to provide an opportunity for private investors with minor investment amounts to participate in a global venture project. Currently, we have more than 30 thousand investors from 71 countries around the world!

Feedback from our investors

I made the decision to become an investor right away when I got acquainted with the project. I understand the importance of information technologies in the modern world and see Gem4me as the best solution in the field of messengers today. The unique functionality of the messenger, the global MarketSpace platform, and reliable management will allow us to take leading positions on the market as well as yield marvelous profits for those who are participating in the project today. I am sure that the project has bright future ahead of it! This is exactly why I am here! Invest today, as a chance like this occurs once in a lifetime!
Edwin Soru
Kupang, Indonesia
I am proud to be apart of developing and promoting the MarketSpace platform on the foundation of Gem4me messenger! Each day I watch MarketSpace gain new qualities and unique functionalities. I am beyond happy, as the verge of 10,000,000 downloads was successfully achieved! My efforts are a part of this achievement, as well as, everyone who is actively participating in our project! Soon enough we will have 100, 200, ... millions of users. I know this for a fact! Our whole team will celebrate the long-awaited victory! We are on trend, and that is a fact!
Aya Mikeeva
Almaty, Kazakhstan
I have been professionally investing for 6 years now, which is why I approach the notion of investing with great precision. Having analyzed MarketSpace project in much detail, I became an investor. I am an investor and I protect my investments, which is why if you ask me: “Is it right to invest money now?”, I will answer with confidence: “You must! But only if you are psychologically ready to have truly large amounts of money.” The notions that MarketSpace will soon have are of much need to the whole world and every modern individual. I invested my funds not because I trust the company but rather because I see how rapidly it is developing. Today I want to be where others will be tomorrow!
Arkadiy Ostrokon
Kiev, Ukraine

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