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Team blog GEM4ME №58


Good afternoon friends. Another release of our messenger took place on April 20, in which we added several new functions to Gem4me.

Album oriented messaging functionality has appeared on mobile platforms, which we previously launched only for the web platform. We’ve also made some minor changes to the message status display. Now, during its sending, an indicator with a clock icon is displayed, after the message has been sent — one check mark, and as soon as one of the users views the message — an eye icon and a view counter.

Several platform features have appeared on the Android platform:

  • Drafts in chats for text messages;
  • Updated animation of loading lists;
  • The ability to send stickers from third-party applications in the keyboard;
  • «Wallet» section. Soon it will be possible to transfer money through it.

The current release also includes fixes for latency when turning on the microphone during a call, disappearing message push notifications and visual errors on mobile platforms.

Stay tuned and stay up to date with all our new products!

Always yours, Gem4me team

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